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The contracts which are undersigned through the oliovu.com web-site fall within the category of distance selling and purchasing contracts, between Frantoi del Vùlture srl (herein under also named as “Company”) with its registered office in Contrada Le Tufarelle, 85029, Venosa, Potenza, Italy, registered at the Register of Enterprises, Fiscal Code and V.A.T. No. 01734600768, and the Customer; and have as subject matter the purchasing and selling of products by means of an online selection on the oliovu.com web-site. The sale is regulated by the present Conditions, which must be considered as integral and a substantial part of the buying and selling agreement. Therefore, the Customer is asked to read carefully the conditions of sale before he sends off the order. The Company reserves itself the right to update, at any time, these selling conditions, also to possibly comply with changes in laws and regulations, and the amendments shall be effective from the date of publication on the oliovu.com web-site. The dispatch of the online order, filled in by the Customer in the purposely dedicated online form, is to be considered as the official acceptance of the general conditions of sale in force at that moment, and is an effective act of consent to the purchase, thus executing the selling contract.

The managing of the purchasing orders takes place by the following steps:
1) The dispatch of the order previously filled-in by the Customer in the dedicated section of the website 2) Acceptance of the order by Frantoi del Vùlture srl, sent by email to the Customer, and containing the main information and quantity of the ordered product, its price, ways of payment, means of shipment and relevant costs, delivery address, invoicing data.

The acceptance and fulfillment of the order will take place only after the crediting of the due amount.
In case the amount of ordered goods should exceed the supplies of the Company, the Customer shall be immediately informed by email, so as to allow him to decide whether to replace the out-of-stock product, modify, or annul the order with no extra expense, and the Company shall reimburse the Customer with the non-due and possibly already-disbursed exceeding amount.
The Customer relieves the Company from any responsibility deriving from a possible mistake in the filling-in of the order form, even if only concerning the delivery address and/or the issuing of erroneous fiscal documents, since the Customer is the sole responsible for the correct filling-in of the data in the order form. Underages are not authorized to send off orders via the online order form.

  The prices of the products appearing on the website are expressed in € (Euros) and are inclusive of V.A.T., any other tax, containers and packaging. Shipment expenses are not included. Possible offers regarding the selling price and/or the shipment costs are only valid over the period of their publication online. Payments can only be carried out in the € (Euro) currency and the amounts appearing on the invoice shall only be expressed in € (Euros). The invoice shall reach the Customer at the email address he indicated at the time of placing the order.
There is provided the option of inserting the V.A.T. number.

The conditions relevant to special offers, promotions and discount coupons will be shown time by time on the oliovu.com website by means of purposely created notices.
Payment can be made by Credit Card, or advance Bank Wire Transfer.

Purchases made by Credit Card are managed by the Cartasì circuit.
Accepted Credit Cards are: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, VPay.
Shipment will be carried out only once the bank has notified receipt of payment.

When purchasing via advanced bank wire transfer, in order to speed up shipment procedures, it is advisable to send via email to the Company, at sales@oliovu.com, a copy of the confirmation receipt of the bank wire transfer. The acceptance and handling of the order will take place only after the payment has been credited, which must take place within and no later than 10 (ten) working days from the dispatch of the order. Once such deadline has expired, the order will no longer be valid and will be annulled. In the reference field of the bank wire transfer there must be indicated the name and surname or company name of who ordered the bank wire transfer and the number and date of the order.
The bank wire transfer will be made in favour of:
Holder: Frantoi Del Vulture srl
Reference: ORDER ID ***
Iban: IT42 T 05387 42310 000000910448

Shipment of the purchased goods will take place on the next working day after the order has been received, while in case of advance bank wire transfer, on the next working day after the payment has been credited. The purchased goods will be delivered to the delivery address the Customer indicated at the time of the filling in of the order. According to destination, deliveries may take place over a period of time varying from 2 to 10 days, safe for complications. For information on substantial quantities (exceeding 100 Kg) or to Countries not included in the list of foreign Countries, one must contact directly the Company at the following e-mail address sales@oliovu.com, in order to receive a customized cost estimate.

To guarantee a timely delivery, the Company suggests to indicate an address where the courier is sure to find someone at the time of delivery, and a phone number where one can easily be contacted. The Customer will receive by the Company an email of acceptance of the order.

The customer acknowledges that collecting the Product is a precise obligation of his, deriving from the purchasing agreement. In case of unsuccessful delivery due to the absence of the recipient at the address specified in the order form, the courier will leave a notice to certify the attempt of delivery (notice of failed delivery). On the card there will be specified the phone number the Customer will need to contact to require a second attempt of delivery by the courier.

The customer may indicate a delivery address alternative to the invoicing one, and specify whether he requires a gift box.

Frantoi del Vùlture srl reserves itself the right of using other couriers and/or using different ways of delivery. In such case the variation shall be specified during the purchasing procedure.


Delivery charges vary according to the destination Country and the quantity of purchased goods. They are calculated automatically, and the exact amount may be verified in the virtual trolley during the placing of the order.


Delivery charges for Italy start from the base amount of 8 Euros and vary according to the weight, which will be calculated at the time of purchase.
Only for Italy, orders exceeding 40 Euros are free of delivery charges.


Delivery charges abroad vary according to destination and weight of the ordered product, and start from a minimum of 25,90 Euros per 5 kg to a maximum of 127,90 Euros per 100 kg.
Charges will be calculated automatically and the exact amount may be verified directly in the virtual trolley.

List of foreign Countries: (Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Monaco, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Switzerland.

For deliveries not included in the list the Customer is required to contact the Company at the sales@oliovu.com address to know feasibility, costs, time and modalities of shipment.

The goods must be checked at delivery and possible faults must be notify the courier.

F. RETURNS POLICY (according to the Legislative Decree 06/09/2005 No. 206)

In case the Customer should be unsatisfied with the purchased items, he is entitled to execute his withdrawal right, communicating it by registered post with recommended return letter to Frantoi del Vùlture srl, with registered office in Contrada Le Tufarelle 85029 Venosa, Potenza, Italy, within 14 days upon receipt of the purchased products. The Customer is invited to anticipate such communication by email at the sales@oliovu.com address, indicating the details of the purchasing order. The purchased goods must be returned to our office within 14 days upon receipt and safe for the checking of the goods. The Company will reimburse the paid amount as soon as possible, and in any case no later than 30 days upon receipt of the communication of withdrawal. The returned products must reach the Company intact, in their original and complete package, as received by the Customer. The return of the purchased products is at the Customer’s expense, according to art. 67, paragraphs 3 and 4 of the Legislative Decree No. 206 dated 06/09/2005.

The present Conditions of Sale and sales concluded via the oliovu.com web site are regulated by the Italian law in view of the EEC guidelines (Legislative Decree 06/09/2005 No. 206 Consumer Code – Legislative Decree 09/04/2003 No. 70, and later amendments and integrations). The Customer relieves Frantoi del Vùlture from every responsibility relevant to malfunctioning, interruption of services and lowering in performances, either whether ascribable to force majeure or fortuitous causes, when not directly ascribable to the Company itself for its willful misconduct or gross negligence. For any disagreement on the interpretation of the present Conditions of sale and on the commercial relations between the Company and the Customer deriving thereof, the competent Court will exclusively be that of Potenza.

It is possible to ask for information, send communications, require assistance or put in a claim by contacting the Customer Service at the sales@oliovu.com email address.


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IBAN: IT 42 T 05387 42310 000000910448
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