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The millers
from Vùlture
have teamed up
to create an excellent
Made in Italy
olive oil

The olive artisans of mount Vùlture

The olive growers and artisans around Mount Vùlture have joined together to defend the quality of extravirgin olive oil from these lands. Their mission is to promote development and innovation while respecting their thousand year old traditions. They are also the guardians of the landscapes around Mount Vùlture: a terroir they keep vital and fertile with their work. These farmers, millers and bottlers devote almost religious care to the production of this precious Mediterranean foodstuff.

Frantoiani del Vùlture - Basilicata

 Nature gives us the raw material.
With our dedication and sensitiveness
we turn it into
a sublime experience 

I Frantoiani - Olio Vù

Mount Vulture

Mount Vùlture is an extinct volcano located in the Basilicata Region, at the heart of Southern Italy. Formed by numerous age old eruptions of the volcano, the surrounding slopes possess special features which make them perfect for agriculture. They are covered with our splendid vineyards (supplying an internationally famous red wine Aglianico del Vùlture) and our age old olive groves (supplying extravirgin olive oil of highest and most refined quality).

Il Vùlture