Our oil emerges from a historical and cultural journey that mixes ancient knowledge with the daily toil of living on fertile terrain suited to olive cultivation. Our work sustains and adds value to this vital crop which thrives in volcanic soil, in a climate and at altitudes capable of giving the olives unique and recognizable organoleptic characteristics.

The Vùlture Oil Millers project was born from the collaboration of olive growers and millers in the Vùlture area, in north-eastern Basilicata, and its mission is to protect and enhance local olive growing, following in the footsteps of the long-standing tradition that has always existed here.
The hard work they do every day and the continuous improvements made to production have made Vùlture oil millers the guardians of an agricultural and natural heritage that remains intact and still relatively unknown.
Their commitment to quality and upholding tradition goes far beyond the fields and the mill, and requires dedication and culture, know-how and a sense of responsibility towards a history which, thanks to new generations who are revisiting and renewing it, can now look to the future.
The Protected Designation of Origin scheme, introduced in 2013, offers a recognized quality path and guarantee for consumers that they are receiving an excellent product, as tradition dictates.

Logo Frantoiani del Vùlture - Basilicata


Pietro Sinigaglia

Frantoio Oleario Silpa
Via Bagnitelli 4/A Melfi

Soc. Coop. Agricola Rapolla Fiorente

Contrada Piano di Chiesa
85027, Rapolla (PZ)
T. +39 0972 760200

Michele Passannante

Frantoio Oleario Passannante Michele
Largo Trappeto, 18
85028, Rionero in Vulture (PZ)
T. +39 0972 721370

Pasquale Rabasco

Sergio Alamprese

Frantoio Alamprese
Via Emilia, 7
85029, Venosa (PZ)

Antonio Larotonda

Larotonda Antonio e Fratelli Snc
Via Benedetto Cairoli, 87
85028, Rionero in Vulture (PZ)
T. +39 0972 721779

Michele Larotonda

Larotonda Antonio e Fratelli Snc
Via Benedetto Cairoli, 87
85028, Rionero in Vulture (PZ)
T. +39 0972 721779

Vincenzo di Lorenzo

Frantoio Oleario Passannante Donato
Via la Vista, 3/bis
85028, Rionero in Vulture (PZ)
T. +39 0972 721292

Olio Lallo

Biagio Campagna

Il Vecchio Frantoio
Via Caduti di Guerra, 52
85027, Rapolla (PZ)
T. +39 0972 761038

Candida Olearia – Gialloro

Masturzo Srl

Contrada Le Tufarelle
85029, Venosa (PZ)
T. +39 0972 32639

Donato Rabasco

Troilo Srl

Via Armando Diaz, 43
85029, Venosa (PZ)

Andrea Carnevale

Società Cooperativa Agricola del Vulture
Via Nazionale Rapolla, 47
85022, Barile (PZ)



The land in this area from which we obtain Vùlture DPO Extra Virgin Olive Oil has traditionally been farmed to grow olives hence the specific quality characteristics it has developed. The planting layout and forms of cultivation, such as the typical short trunk method, are those which are commonly practised in the production area. Pruning is done manually, and phytosanitary protection is carried out in compliance with the Basilicata Region’s integrated pest control regulations.


Harvesting must be carried out from the onset of veraison and until 31 December. It is done using nets or manually, by hand-picking and raking, or mechanically with vibrators and shakers. In the hours directly after harvesting, the olives are transported in vented crates to allow air to circulate and avoid any damage (caused by storage and heating) to the drupes.


Only mechanical and physical processes are permitted in pressing olives and extracting oil; the use of products which act chemically or biochemically, such as talcum, is prohibited, as is the use of double centrifugation of the same olive paste, without interruption, known as the “re-passing” method.


The olives are pressed to extract oil from the drupes. This transformation takes place in three fundamental stages: frangitura (breaking the olives into a paste), gramolatura (stirring of paste) and the actual extraction during which the oil is separated from the other solid and liquid parts. During these phases, the processing temperature is constantly monitored so as not to compromise the quality of the oil.
The oil is then stored at a constant temperature between 16° and 18°C.


In the case of our Vù Oil DPO, the oil extracted is selected with the utmost care to meet the strict parameters of the specification, one of the most restrictive among Italian PDO olive oils. Each stage of the process, from cultivation through transformation of the olives into oil and packaging must be carried out within the production area. Control and traceability of production batches and the oil mill must always be guaranteed.


The bottling of the oil is an extremely delicate phase which must be carried out with great care and attention. While waiting to be bottled, the oil is stored in an air-conditioned environment (under nitrogen) and then packaged into various formats. Particular attention is paid to the metrological checks that ensure that the minimum content of each bottle is at least equal to that indicated on the label.