Vulture PDO protecting a territory and a tradition, producing an oil without equal.

The denomination Vùlture DOP Extravirgin Olive Oil identifies Ogliarola del Vùlture as the main cultivar and specifies that it must account for at least 60% of the final blend, along with the following varieties (either alone or together but no more than a total of 40%): Coratina, Cima di Melfi, Palmarola, Provenzale, Leccino, Frantoio, Cannellino, Rotondella, Nocellara. The specification also expressly describes the chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the product which guarantees superior quality standards and regulates the how the olives are grown, harvested and pressed, and the timescales and methods of preservation for the oil obtained.

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Our oil emerges from a historical and cultural journey that mixes ancient knowledge with the daily toil of living with an impervious and not always friendly natural landscape. The dedication of the oil millers sustains them in this process and adds value to this vital crop. The result is a passionate narration of taste and sensory experience.


Oil obtained from Nocellara olives has a delicate, mellow taste, a light fruitiness and orchestra of delicately herby notes offset by the decidedly balsamic tomato and apple tones. It is soft and resonating on the palate, harmoniously herby and delicately spicy, with a light touch of almond at the end.

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The Peranzana variety produces an oil of low acidity with a high chlorophyll and carotene content. Emerald green in colour with a medium fruity flavour, unlike other oils, Peranzana has a low yield and long shelf life. Not only does it produce a well-balanced, superior oil, it can also be eaten itself as a table olive.

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This variety stands out for its intense green olive fruitiness and notes of artichoke and wild herbs. The late harvest, from November to January, and cold milling product an oil rich in polyphenols with low acidity and high anti-oxidant components. The mildly bitter notes are accompanied by a typically spicy taste on the palate which give this oil its distinctive flavour.

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VÙ Biologico (Organic)

The intrinsic qualities of the cultivation method, combined with the hand-picking and extraction method, give Vù Biologico oil – organic in every part of its production – made a well-balanced character and harmonious mix of herby and pleasantly spicy notes.

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