Olly Bracelet


Olly is a unique pendant, born from the meeting between Elisa & Janna and Olio Vù!

In love with the creations of this small artisan workshop in Matera, we asked Elisa and Janna to imagine a jewel that spoke about us, a small gift that could travel with our oil and tell the story of Basilicata. It was from the love with which we talk about our work that they drew inspiration: olives are the most precious thing for us, a real gem, the source of the green gold that we extract with so much care. And here is Olly: a small bronze olive, to be worn as a pendant. A symbol of Basilicata, and at the same time a way to support the small artisan realities of our territory.

The Olly bracelet is a unique object to combine with our oil: as a gift for others, as a gift to ourselves! Two stories of craftsmanship that meet, merged into a single symbol.

Technical details
Olly material: bronze, size: 20mm x 7mm, weight 3gm
Olly bracelet material: bronze and waxed cotton, Olive size: 20mm x 7mm, EJ logo tag size 7mm, bracelet weight: 5gm

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