Vù Box “Best of Basilicata”

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Olio Vù wishes you happy holidays with a combo of our oil and the best products from Basilicata.

The intense aroma and delicate flavor of Olio Vù match perfectly with the red wine Aglianico, the typical wine from the Basilicata region. The "Portale Adduca" of the Casa Maschito Winery with its unmistakable ruby red color, fully expresses the dry and at the same time velvety taste of this exceptional wine type. The dried fried peppers of Masseria Mirogallo, with their unique taste and unique crunchiness, complete this pleasant combination.
Chef's tip: dried fried peppers fit best on top of a porcini mushroom risotto, with a splash of Olio Vù PDO, and a glass of Aglianico Wine.

The Vù Box "Best of Basilicata" includes:

1 x Vù PDO 750 ml
1 x Vù Monocultivar Coratina 750 ml
1 x Vù Monocultivar Peranzana 750 ml
1 x Vù Biologico (Organic) 750 ml
1 x Aglianico Portale Adduca DOC 750 ml
1 x Fried Dried Cruschi Peppers 34 g

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