Vù Box Monovarietal

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The Vù Box Monovarietali was born to match each recipe with the most suitable extra virgin olive oil.

It includes:

- 3 x Vù Mocultivar Peranzana 750 ml:
Emerald green in colour and fruity to taste, Peranzana oil is recognized as being light and delicate, superior quality, good balance of bitterness and spicy flavour, and the ideal accompaniment for moderately-flavoured dishes. Has notes of tomato, rocket, radish and artichoke in an elegant and harmonious bouquet. It is used across the board, enhancing fish dishes and quick recipes and heightening flavours rather than covering them. Peranzana oil can also be eaten as a table olive.

- 3 x Vù Mocultivar Coratina 750 ml:
This variety stands out for its intense green olive fruitiness and notes of artichoke and wild herbs. The late harvest, from November to January, and cold milling product an oil rich in polyphenols with low acidity and high anti-oxidant components. The oil releases notes of almond, mild tones of artichoke, an intense, fruity taste and slightly bitter undertones to accompany spicy dishes. Coratina oil can be used when serving raw food, in salads and in soups.

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