Basilicata’s olive groves are among the oldest in Italy and there are currently some 27 different native varieties of olive growing in the region. Situated on the slopes of Mount Vùlture, facing east and south-east and protected from the cold winter winds, our olive groves range from 400 and 700 metres above sea level, in an almost continental microclimate which plays a defining role in shaping the unique organoleptic qualities of Vùlture PDO oil.

Vùlture extravirgin olive oil is an expression of the typical olive cultivars growing in the region. First and foremost is Ogliarola del Vùlture.
Ogliarola del Vulture, accounting for at least 60%, only grows on the slopes of our volcano. A native variety and result of a natural selection process by olive growers over the years, it stands out for its delicate, fragrant flavour. Its combination with other cultivars that have always been part of the area's cultural heritage, has resulted in a product that is organoleptically balanced and analytically perfect.


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