1kg potatoes
160g Vù olive oil
12g salt
700g milk


Vùlture Vù olive oil was revisited by chef Moreno Cedroni in a show cooking event. At the official launch of Vù, the celebrity chef made this specially-created recipe to celebrate the full taste of Vùlture PDO olive oil. Mashed potato is the perfect accompaniment for charred scallops.


Boil the potatoes for 7 minutes in the microwave, sealed inside a clear food bag. Potatoes contain water so will cook inside the bag.
Remove the potatoes, peel and mash them while keeping the temperature constant at 50°C (using a thermometer). Add the fats first: stir in the oil then the milk. Taste and season with salt. The mashed potatoes are ideal with fresh scallops which can be gently fried and the edges slightly charred.