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The protected designation-of-origin (PDO) naming "Vulture" identifies products originated in the administrative territory including the municipalities of Melfi, Rapolla, Barile, Rionero in Vùlture, Atella, Ripacandida, Maschito, Ginestra and Venosa; it recognizes the quality and special characteristics of the territory and its rigorous on-site olive oil production.

VÙ a Vùlture PDO olive oil

The olive groves of Basilicata are the oldest in Italy: today, in the region, you may count as many as 27 varieties of olives. The origin of the olive growing practices of the Vulture region dates back to the times of the Magna Graecia (the name given to certain areas of southern Italy populated by Greek settlers) and it has been preserved over the years by a small group of family-owned businesses. The local farmers played a key role in the preservation and protection of the soil and environment; their determination and hard work earned them the prestigious Vùlture PDO recognition.

The phases of production

  • Cultivation Olio Vù


    Olive growing is tightly bound to the Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winters, hot dry summers and rain concentrated in the autumn-spring period.

  • Harvesting Olio Vù


    Olive picking can be done by hand directly from the tree (cropping), with olive harvesting equipment, with trunk shakers or harvesters. Harvesting can take place in a time frame ranging from late October to mid- or even late December.

  • Milling Olio Vù


    Once washed and purified, the harvested olives proceed to the grinding or crushing stages. The machines used for the milling of the Vulture PDO olives are crusher mills or grindstones.

  • Extraction Olio Vù


    The extraction phase aims to extract oil from the olive drupes. Such transformation takes place in two basic steps: the grinding of the pulp and the subsequent separating of the oil portion from the other solid and liquid components.

  • Certification Olio Vù


    The extracted oil is carefully selected to meet rigorous parameters according to the most restrictive procedural guidelines among all Italian olive PDOs.

  • Bottling Olio Vù


    The oil bottling, in tin or glass, is an extremely delicate phase that must be handled with great care and attention.

A table oil to discover
the simplicity of italian tastes

Ancient wisdom and modern efforts, coping with a sometimes unpredictable mother nature, blend in the history and culture of our olive oil. The commitment of the millers supports and adds value to this vital crop. The result is a passionate tale, to be experienced through taste and sensations.

The cultivars

Extravirgin olive oil from Mount Vùlture is of the highest quality and is unique worldwide: expression of the olive cultivars typical of the area. The slopes of the volcano combine the delicate taste of the Ogliarola variety with the fragrance and fruit of the other local varieties. In this way they give rise to an organoleptically balanced and harmonious nutrient.